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Support Group Meetings

Social meetings:

From September to May, first and third Saturdays of each month

Location will change to facilitate access to participants.
Usually meetings take place in a coffee shop.

To register and to find location, please call 780 217 9306

Therapeutical and counseling meetings:

To register and to find date and location, please call
780 217 9306

Registrations are free for all meetings.

Navigation Program

One of our volunteers will assist you when you need care.

It can be difficult to navigate the medical system if you suffer from complex medical conditions. It is challenging to keep track of appointments and communicate your needs to physicians and caregivers. Our volunteer will meet with you and assess how you would benefit from our navigation program.

Our goal is to facilitate your care and increase your quality of life.

To register, please call 780 217 9306. There is no fee to register.

National Pain Week

Details available on monthly Newsletter.

For information, please call 780 217 9306