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Inspirational Thoughts

All healing is essentially the release of all fear.

Anonymous source

If you keep suffering away from your pain, you find peace and you do not hurt so much.

Dr. Claude M. Roberto

Truth is what one consciously or unconsciously decides to believe. You are healthy when you don’t focus on suffering.

Dr. Claude M. Roberto

People must believe in each other and feel it can be done. Then we are enormously strong. We must keep up each other’s courage.

Vincent Van Gogh, painter experiencing chronic pain

The sun is not only a painter but a sculptor…Put the pale withering plant and human being into the sun, and, if not too far gone, each will recover health and spirit.

Florence Nightingale, about care to the sick

Wellness demands a transformation at the core of the intellect. Paradoxically, it is illness which often presents us with a wonderful opportunity to achieve this transformation.

Greenwood and Nunn

Pain is reduced through the right connections with the right people and these relationships are extremely important in therapy. Otherwise how do you explain that medication provides better results if you get along with your physician?

Dr. Claude M. Roberto