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Nerve Pain

What is Nerve Pain?

It is a type of chronic neuropathic pain lasting months or years or lifetimes. It often feels like having a sunburn under the skin or tingling or shooting or stabbing or shocking. It can be associated with extreme sensitivity to touch.

It is caused by injury to a nerve or a change in the nervous system in either the central nervous system or the peripheral body. Common symptoms associated with nerve pain are muscle weakness, cramps and spasms.

Phantom pain, experienced by amputees and quadriplegics, is a neuropathic pain. The patient feels pain from a part of the body that has been lost or from which the person no longer gets physical signals.

Injury to the brain or the spinal cord, brain tumors, diabetes, herpes zoster, multiple sclerosis, some strokes, fibromyalgia, HIV-related neuropathies, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, immune mediated disorders and injuries may cause neuropathic pain.

Nerve Pain Can be Reduced!

There are passive ways to manage pain, when you have something done to you, for example a massage, and there are also active ways to manage pain, when you help yourself, for example with exercises. A combination of approaches gives the best pain management.

Reducing nerve pain requires a combination of various therapies, including medication, exercise, massage, relaxation techniques, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, anesthetic therapies, neurostimulatory procedures, surgical approaches, alternative or complementary approaches, healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Alternative medicine, such as Chinese medicine, brings good results but is not always easily compatible with other therapies.

It is essential to have a Function-Centred Life with self-management skills and not a Pain-Centred Life with limited activities and withdrawal from social activities.

Managing neuropathic pain requires access to a multidisciplinary team of therapists as well as a determination to live a fulfilling life despite pain.

Nerve pain is one of the most difficult types of pain to manage. Finding the best treatment is challenging. However nerve pain can be reduced!